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A Place of Hope

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We understand that this is a very dark time for people across the world. A time made darker by our inability to physically reach out to one another. We want to offer this page as a Place of Hope. A page where we can bring light to the darkness. Below are pictures, quotations, songs, stories, messages that people have found comfort in during this difficult time. We hope this gives you an opportunity to connect with others (via the Disscussion Forum below) and find comfort where others have found peace. If you would like to contribute to this page, please click here. 


Jeannette has found comfort in the following poem by Martin Letts from Swanmore Methodist Church. 

Nature Walk - A Poem

We thought we'd walk to blow the blues
As the sun was shining stronger
Not far - to get us moving
Can't stay in any longer
We chose a little country path
The sunshine it was warm
And nature looked all fresh and bright In green of every form
Celandines and dandelions yellow faces to the sun
And in the hedgerow margins even bluebells have begun
Then suddenly and something moved and fluttered on nearby
Is it - was it - it surely was - a peacock butterfly!
Before, we'd seen a brimstone on sulfur yellow wings
How wonderful is nature in all these little things.
We looked around and upwards to see the beautiful blue sky
And then behind us heard anew a distant yaffle cry.
A robin in the hedgerow sang music to his wife
Why can't we all just learn from him to lead a simpler life?
We saw the lords and ladies : the lilies of the field
Their beautiful broad and shiny leaves are all they really need
We felt that Someone's telling us, have hope and love and prayer
For nature will always be beautiful in this and every year

Watercolor Butterfly 6

The UK Blessing

Julia found this video on YouTube. The act of people all coming together in this endeavour blessed her.

Original Song “The Blessing” by Cody Carnes, Kari Jobe and Elevation Worship.

Written by Chris Brown, Cody Carnes, Kari Jobe and Steven Furtick Audio produced by Trevor Michael

Video edited by Level Creative

Praise Song

Sharon has found comfort in the following Praise Song for the Pandemic.

Words and narration by Christine Valters Paintner
Video by Travis Reed at
Music by

Looking for the Rainbow

 Catherine has always loved rainbows. They lift her spirits. She found this inspiring song of Glen Penfold's full of hope for the future. 

Be Easter-Powered 

This drawing by Sam is from Sunday 24th's Tea and Fellowship.


Looking to Nature

During the Coronavirus pandemic the Walking Group have been unable to go on their monthly walks, they have however produced a series of articles looking back at some of their walks with a particular focus on History and Ecology.

Join the Conversation

Join the Conversation...

You this space to respond to things you have seen on this page. Perhaps offer your own words of Hope or Comfort. Talk to one another and create a place where all are welcome.

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