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About us

A Small History of Walton Methodist Church

Originally Walton Methodist Church was located along Annett Road, but the gas board, at the time, wanted to extend their plant meaning that the church would have to be demolished.  In the end this did happen and the gas board bought the old church and land for £700. A new church was then built in the current location in 1887 costing £350 just for the land.

Throughout the recent years Walton Methodist Church has undergone many changes, with a modern glass front being constructed to create a communal entrance and give the whole church a more welcoming feel from the outside. The main church has been redesigned, with the removal of the pipe organ.

The rear premises have also been refurbished in the last 10 years, resulting in a new centrally positioned kitchen with two new meeting rooms and toilet facilities, plus a glazed link to provide easy disabled access to the rear of the building.

With new ideas brewing, Walton Methodist Church is a very dynamic building and community.


We are pleased to offer much to the community of Walton Methodist Church including a great Pastoral Team, an enthusiastic Leadership Team and wonderful Youth Work. 

Our premises are also available to hire, for the wider community of Walton; for a variety of events and meetings.

See for Yourself

There is only so much we can put down in words, so why not pay us a visit-whether a Sunday Morning service or even at one of our many groups; why not come and meet the community at Walton Methodist Church?

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