Worship at Walton Methodist Church

Morning Worship

Sunday Morning Worship starts at 10:00am, lasts for about an hour or so and is led by our minister, Rev Sydney Samuel Lake or preachers from other churches. 

Typically, our Morning Worship includes an all age talk, Bible readings, about five hymns or songs, prayers and a sermon. 

Our music includes a mixture of traditional and modern hymns and songs led by our organist or by our music group Breeze.

Children usually stay for about 15 minutes then go to Sunday School whilst the very young are in a Crèche throughout the service.  

Once a month, our Morning Worship includes Holy Communion where we share bread and wine - all who want to follow Jesus are welcome to share in the bread and wine. 

This is a celebration of the Last Supper that Jesus had with his disciples before he was crucified and rose triumphant from the dead. 

During the sharing of the bread and wine there is also a provision, for those who seek it, for anointing with oil and prayers for healing.

Holy Communion

Once a month our Morning Worship is for All Ages.

There is no Sunday School so the sermon is usually split into informal and more formal sections to make it suitable for all but the youngest children who remain in a Crèche .

All Age Worship

Pudding and Praise (Cafe Church) is an informal, contemporary evening service that takes place 2 or 3 times per year in our Church Hall.

While they are well planned, there is an informal 'pop-up' element to them. There is always an excellent time of fellowship over some lovely puddings (served from 6:00pm) before we start at 6:30pm.

The services are anchored in contemporary worship songs led by Breeze. We encourage as many lay people (preachers who are not reverends) as possible to take part in these services and they lead a discussion around a particular theme. 

We welcome suggestions, ideas or themes for services and, as with all our worship at Walton Methodist church, all are welcome.

Next Pudding and Praise:
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Pudding and Praise


Breeze is a group of five musicians drawn from the

Wey Valley Circuit

The main focus of Breeze is to find, research and learn contemporary Christian songs with the aim of introducing and providing an alternative to traditional worship music within the circuit.

Lynda (vocals), Glen (guitar/vocals), Caroline (piano/keyboard), Tracey (guitar/vocals) and Mark (bass/keyboard).


We  hope you have found what you're looking for and that the website has given you some information about what happens at Walton Methodist Church, but we cannot tell you everything so please come and visit us and see what happens for yourself!