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What does it mean to welcome someone?

How do you welcome someone who comes to your home?

What might you be able to do to offer a welcome to someone at home, school or church?


Almighty, all-powerful, all-loving God,
we bring our broken world to you.
We bring places at war,
communities in need,
people in pain,
creation abused.
We pray that all people
would receive the refreshment they need. 
Invite everyone to fill a small cup
from the jug and drink some cold water.


Welcome Poster

Welcome people to our church

You will need: paper and pencils/pens/crayons.

Create a poster that welcomes people to our church. 

Draw pictures that saysomething about our church. 

Perhaps write 'welcome' in different languages. 

Send pictures of your posters into us and we will use them to help uswelcome people.

Coronavirus Pic 2.jpg

Pictures by Seonghun and Seonuk of the Coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus Pic.jpg

A presentation by Anya on John Wesley, produced for a School Project.

Message Board

Message Board

A place to share thoughts, lockdown experiences, and a life with God. 

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