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Weekly Reflections

While we cannot open our building for worship, we will be providing Weekly Reflections here on our website for you to take part in at home. 

This Week's Reflection

is by the Rev. Julia Monaghan and has a VE Day feel.

You can either use the images to the right to go through the reflections or alternatively,  you can watch the Rev. Julia's video which takes you through the reflections.  

What do you think?

We would love to hear your responses to these reflections. Please use the space below to offer your thoughts, comments, or your own reflections. We would also encourage you to read what others have said and, if you would like to, respond.

Past Reflections

Past Reflections
Week 4: Lost and Found
Watch Julia lead this reflection...

Click here for Rev. Julia Monaghan's Easter, Week 5 Reflections on Lost and Found.

Week 3: The Extravagant Grace of God

Click here for Rev. Julia Monaghan's Easter, Week 4 Reflections on the Extravagant Grace of God.

Week 2: The Road to Emmaus

Click here for Rev. Julia Monaghan's Easter, Week 2 Reflections on the Road to Emmaus.

To make the video full screen, click play (the big red button with a white triangle in the centre in the middle of the screen) then click the button that looks like an incomplete square in the bottom right corner. It looks like this.

Full Screen Button (2).png
Holy Week Reflections

Click here for Rev. Julia Monaghan's Holy Week Reflections based on the painting of Sieger Koder. 

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